Thursday, 7 June 2007

Time to show off the T-Shirt.

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Mr Dagnall, bless his socks, has given me a splendid T-shirt, which perfectly encapsulates the ethos of my weight loss programme, that is helping you lose weight through substantial pooping.

It should be noted that The T-shirt came before the project, rather than being inspired by it.

Anyway, on with the weight loss. I weigh in at a slightly too light 14st 3.5lbs and am off to visit Ivor, right now.
I am having a poo.
And back to the scales I trot.
14st 0.25lbs. A 3.25lb turd. Can't argue with that now, can we?



Pooh Club said...

Inspirational - just wanted to let you know my top tip that I'm sure will help you push even heavier stools than ever before.

In addition to a substancial evening meal munch through a family pack of peanuts - washing them down with a fine porter ale.

Although they have a high fat content this is barely released during digestion and shouldn't compromise your weight loss agenda - evidence is the thousands of nutty bits bound within your normal plop.

Lord Manley said...

I have two packets packed for the labour ward - I shall report back on post birth poopages.