Tuesday, 26 June 2007


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I seem to be waking up every morning with a hangover recently. I feel disinclined to blame this on the rum than one might expect and am developing the firm conviction that I must be coming down with something. I suspect that it is some kind of 'small poop syndrome' to boot.

I weigh a whopping 198.6lbs
I am having a poo
All this weight loss, without the aid of medication, exercise, slimming tablets, powders, remedies, pharmaceuticals, dieting, weight-watchers or any other modern fads (Atkins can just sod right off, for example) is draining me. I appear, in the words of the lovely Banana, to have "the body of a 15 year old with hair" these days, and I have the teenage headaches to match.

Despite eating a disproportionate amount of chocolate truffles (incidentally, the Tesco Organic Chocolate Truffles are rather smashing, I'd go so far as to say that they may be better than the Thorntons Organic ones) and even a Toffee Crisp, thanks to the lovely Eleanor Prescious, My poops have been rapidly diminishing in size and, indeed, this seems likely to be well below par. Ah well, back to the scales.

198.3lbs. A 0.3lb poop. Abject failure on the weight loss front.

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