Thursday, 7 June 2007

Free Yorkies!

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The girls from Stanley are giving things to the builders and what are those things? They are Yorkies!

Yay for Yorkies!

I asked and they threw one up to me at my window, but refuse to do the same for the Tapp, which was pleasing. They enquired as to my profession, 'Whatdjadothenlike?' to which I replied to the effect that I had that most sexy of roles, the programmer.

Clearly the chav handbook is a little out of date, since the immediate response this produced was '£10 for a photo?'. I can assure any reader who might erstwhile have been considering joining the trade, that software development does not pay so well that one can afford to squander the price of two pub lunches on a picture of a dodgy bint, whether she has Yorkies to share or not.

I took my shot for free and bid them farewell, returning to the kitchen to ponder the poo-enhancing properties of a Yorkie. They are not for girls, you know.

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