Monday, 13 October 2008

Vasectomy shave.

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Well, I have to shave my testicles prior to the operation and I thought it best if I had a dry run.

I won't spoil it by explaining it all here, I shall just let you see it for yourselves (SFW except perhaps for the manic hippy in it).

Right, well I think that covers everything.

Having shaved the area with my beard trimmer I shall move on to a cut throat razor and clear the area of any stubble, ready for the vasectomy on Thursday.

Also, I think it is noteworthy that I would never do this outside of a medical scenario where I absolutely need to be clean shaven in the testicle area - bald balls are just not my thing.

Update: The actual shave.


Anonymous said...

WTF!! Get a sex change already. Enuf!!

Lord Manley said...

Quite a remarkable number of you seem to associate vasectomy with homosexual or transgenic tendencies.

I find this utterly bewildering. If I didn't want to put my willy into the ladies, why would I need to be sterile?