Thursday, 24 May 2007

Dieting tips for winners!

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I have gone from 15st 8lbs to 14st in a month and a half. The truth is that this had less to do with being overweight (My Lordship is fairly lanky and has no real immediate need to be slim, what with having nearly 3 children and, consequently, a wife who is unlikely to flee to better climes) and more to do with being better at losing weight than Millie, our office girl.

Well, on Thursday I weighed myself at 14st 2.25lbs and then went for what can only be described as an almighty poop.

"Well", I said to myself, as one will after such arse shattering activities, "I must have lost a stone there" so I went back to the scales and weighed myself a second time.

13st 13.25lbs.

I had done a 3lb poop!

Dieting is not about eating less. It's about pooping more. Come with me now, on an adventure into weight loss and turds, as we discuss what happens when I am having a poo.

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