Thursday, 11 March 2010

The cheese is a lie!

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Chef Daniel Angerer has declared in his blog that he is making cheese with 'Mommy's milk'.

This is strangely interesting.

What I find most unbelievable about this is that cheese needs milk which is easily dehomogenised. Human milk is not. The production of sheese (that is to say, cheese made from human milk) is not viable since breast milk can not curdle, because the protein content is much lower than, for example, goat's milk.

I have tried. I had more success with Yoghurt and I have cooked two very nice placentas but human milk simply will not curdle.

After doing some more research, what this appears to be is normal cheese, made with a higher protein milk, with human milk included with it. Essentially this would be normal cheese with a human milk flavouring.

In his blog, the chef suggest that the rennet is creating curds from the mother's milk, but I am unable to replicate this - I have asked him if he can confirm that he is actually turning the human milk into cheese or whether he is simply adding it, but my comments are not being published and I am receiving no response.

Right now my knowledge, experience and experimentation suggests that it must be the latter. As such, I feel that this is basically a bit of link bait which, whilst it has worked, is basically based on a lie.

I look forward to contradiction with gleeful anticipation.