Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Solving the oil spill one idiot at a time.

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So let me get this absolutely clear; In protest that BP (who produce oil, which does have negative effects) use some of their profits to fund arts, some children threw molasses (a product which has had its own share of spills - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Molasses_Disaster) at the pavement outside the Tate. [Video below the fold].

I suspect that BP will be severely damaged by this action, whereas the low income cleaners will be uplifted and gratified that their dictatorial and oppressive employers have suffered this blow.

I particularly enjoyed the aggressive way in which the lead protester threw his molasses directly at the young staff member, clearly a cog in the well oiled corporate machine which is BP. You can tell he is a wrong 'un, he is wearing a yellow vest.

May I suggest targeting Transocean with some Nivea or perhaps poorly cement up the doors to the Halliburton buildings next? That would show them.

This seems like misguided, poorly considered low level vandalism, akin to throwing eggs at houses on Halloween.

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[UPDATE: Turns out that the molasses will not scrub off and some form of oil based detergent will be required. Go protesters!]