Saturday, 23 June 2007

Scatology as a team sport is ultimately doomed.

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It's been a rough, sleepless night for some adult members of the Manley family. In all fairness, #3 Manley sprog is a paragon of good baby behaviour and one night out of nine is not to be sniffed at, but none the less we are tired.

I weigh in at 193.1lbs, through my bleary eyes.
I am having a poo
And now I am 192.2lbs. That's just under a pound of poop.

Jim weighs 100.9lbs as she stands and 109.8lbs with a babe in arms. Said babe is nappy and clothing ridden and has just had a feed, so I don't suppose that she really weighs 9lb, but it's a nice indication. I'm taking her back to my room to try and keep her awake for a while.
Jim is having a poo
And now she weighs 100.4lbs, so that's an 8oz poop.

I find it slightly scary that I weigh approximately twice as much as my spouse. In fact it is most alarming.

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