Saturday, 30 June 2007


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I came home last night to a small ditch in the conservatory. That said, I know that the building inspector has been around and that there is always an element of 'getting going' to a job, so I thought I would give them a helping hand and last night I ripped out the roof, the joists, the beams and the doors, as well as knocking down the external wall and taking out the windows which don't go into my existing kitchen.

Of the old conservatory (which was really just a room with a clear roof) there is nothing except one section of a joist, which runs behind a downpipe and will be easier to remove later, and the door (sans frame) which I am leaving in situ until I take the rubble away as a glass door is safer vertical than horizontal with small children around.

Anyway, I had a good few beers last night and a rather splendid pie, followed by muesli and oranges for a midnight snack (remember the baby?) which seem to have put me in good stead for this morning's adventures in weight loss.

I am sitting on the edge of the bed, desperate for the loo, waiting for Jim to finish. She has stolen my dressing gown, the one I bought so that I would have something to walk around in after she stole my last dressing gown. What is she doing, wearing two? This means I have to wait for her to get to the bedroom before I can go and I am getting frantic now. There's the flush, come on, come on.

We had a good night's sleep last night, comparatively, as the littlest Manley managed a . . .
I went for a poo
Sorry to leave mid sentence, I was going to say that she managed to sleep for longer than she has done before - five and a half hours in one stretch - so I am feeling relatively refreshed. I have got better news than that though!

Pre-poop weight: 198.2lbs
post-poop weight: 192.3lbs

If I might re-iterate:

Pre-poop weight: 198.2lbs
post-poop weight: 192.3lbs

That's a 5.9lb poop. I just lost nearly 6 lbs in weight. Who needs dieting when I can lose weight like this? The pounds are not so much falling off ass* falling out.


That's equivalent to this whole pile of weights I have balanced for your viewing pleasure!

Looky here, it's not an hour later and I need another poo! Losing weight the easy way, huh? I weight 196.8lbs.
I am having a poo
196.6lbs. Only a .2 lb poop, but what was I expecting? I have tipped the scales at a whopping 6.1lbs of poo so far today. Fat no more!

*This was an accidental typo, but I like it, so it stays. Thanks to Matthewparker for pointing it out to me.

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