Thursday, 14 June 2007


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I started this morning at 198lbs, but a quick poop brought that down to 196.7lbs pretty sharpish, then this evening I managed to drop from 199.8lbs to 199.2lbs again, but today's roll of honour has to go to the lovely Jim who managed to squeeze out 7lbs 11.5ozs of baby daughter.

She doesn't have a name as yet, but she was 51cm long and had a 35cm circumference head.

Unfortunately Jim is in the post-natal ward recovering whilst the baby is in the Neo-Natal special care unit, all full of needles and tubes and in a little plastic box. As an added bonus the hospital closed down today, so at 0830hrs tomorrow morning the Neo-Natal unit is relocating to another hospital.

How they will manage the breast feeding with mother and baby in different hospital campuses I have no idea, but we will manage something I am sure.

I am a dad again.

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