Friday, 29 June 2007

A behind the scenes look at the technology involved in The Log Blog

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Following on from this morning's adventures in chalk, I thought I'd give you a further peek into my methodology.

In the early days, when poop related weight loss was a new idea and I was pioneering in the field (I got asked to stop doing that by the farmer) I used to remember my weights easily. Sadly those days have gone and I need to keep records. As you have seen, at home I have a chalk board next to the crapper to do the job, but at work such luxuries are not available so, instead, I use the 'Christ's desk post-it note' method.

Here we see the post-it note stuck to the inside of the cubicle door. Once I have completed the relevant activities I stick the note to my chest and return for a re-weigh. Today, for the first time, I lost the post-it along the way, but thankfully I had this photograph to remind me.
I am having a poo
and now I weigh 194.2lbs, so that's a 1.6lb poop.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little look at the workings of my dieting system.

Thanks to Christ for the use of his post-it notes.

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