Friday, 1 June 2007

My ideal weight.

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Looking around tintermawebs, I find various different calculators for ideal weights. Generally these work on averages based on my age, height and sex and generally I get told that I, as a 6'2" 32 year old man, should weigh between 195lbs -> 205lbs, with odd aberrations ranging from 187lbs -> 220lbs.

I have chosen to go with the Health Central calculator because it takes into account my frame size.

Working on the basis that, when I wrap my thumb and major fingers around the smallest part of my wrist, the fingers barely touch (and I have big hands, ladies!) I get an ideal weight range of 190lbs -> 209lbs. For graphing purposes I have chosen to say that I need to be <200lbs and will thus use the 200lb mark as my base level.

The results are very informative.

It appears that my pre-poop weight is almost exactly proportional to my poop size.

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