Sunday, 24 June 2007

With friends like these . . .

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Having a new baby can be a sleepless affair, so when the lovely Dagnalls rock up with not only a rather smashing spaghetti bolognese, but also all the plates, cutlery and dishes required and starters and puddings to boot, I'd be hard pushed to be anything but grateful.

One of the other side effects of new babies is fairly boring meals when we have to prepare them ourselves (the addition of chocolates from work and our friends help, of course) so I had high hopes for this morning's faecal activities.

After bell ringing for the 1000hrs service, I rush home in time to meet the midwife (an amazing lady who not only gave us our pre-natal care, delivered our baby and is handling our post-natal care, but is also here on her son's 28th birthday (he trooped the colours last weekend, so she is very proud) and it is her father's 101st birthday tomorrow. Thank you Trish, you've been a star) and just have time for a quick poop first.

I weigh a mighty 197.6lbs.
I am having a poo
And now I am 186.9lbs. No, that can't be right, I must have written it wrong, bear with me . . .
No, I weigh 196.9lbs. That's more like it. Only a .7lb poop, but what can I do? I have noticed that my daily totals are diminishing of late, so I have been talking with professionals and, on the advice of the great vbloke, I am going to try warm water with lemon juice.



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