Friday, 15 June 2007

No more names please!

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Now I don't get a huge number of comments here and, if I am honest, I just keep this blog updated for my own amusement and as a minor and personal art project, so, given that I don't advertise an email address here, it came as something of a surprise to receive quite so many emails suggesting names.

Please stop, I use Google Mail to handle my pop3 and I am not sure they have enough servers to handle the influx. We have named her now, but thank you all for caring so very much.

Anyway, the second poo today was a bit of an improvement, but I do appear to have put on some weight:

I weigh in at 200.8lbs - that's not so good, let's hope for massive big jobs, eh?
I am having a poo
Post poop weight is . . . 198.2lbs - still half a stone over my new ideal weight (isn't it strange how changing that has altered my perception of myself from trim to morbidly obese? Perhaps I am becoming anorexic after all - never mind, I have a lot of reserves left yet!) but a 2.6lb poop, which is something to write home (or at least to blog) about.

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