Wednesday, 20 June 2007

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Cor blimey! 3 poops before lunch.

Still a little bemused as to how my weight goes up in the mornings, even though I have nothing to eat or drink, I toddle off to the bathroom for a bath (which seems sensible, given that this is the room to do it in) and cannot resist the urge to curl out another big job.

Dieting is a thing of the past and I am concentrating all my weight loss activities on the scatology programme now, so every little bit helps.

I weigh in at 196.1lbs, which isn't too shoddy (about 14st).
I am having a poo
I forgot what I was about and got undressed ready for my bath, so now I am perched on the scales holding a pile of clothing with the contents of my pockets balanced around my feet. It's a hard life, but this is all in the name of science. 194.9lbs makes for a nice 1.2lb number two. That brings us up to two and a half pounds so far today, which isn't to be sniffed at.

But then poo never is.

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