Saturday, 2 June 2007

Public poops

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After a quick fiddle with the digital scales, it became very apparent that, in my hungover state, there was no understanding the damned things, so it was a matter of swiftly setting up a manual dial and weighing myself. I felt a little self conscious emptying my pockets in the aisle, but to hell with it, this is science.

14st 2lbs, not too bad. PDA Time.
I am having a poo
Back to the scales aisle. I had to leave the child under the watchful eyes of sales staff whilst I made use of their (frankly shoddy) conveniences and I feel a little cheeky using their scales when I have no intention of purchasing them at all.

14st - a two pound poop at the weekend. Time to go drinking again, you'll have to wait until tomorrow before I plot this on the charts, but hey, whose poop diet is this anyway?

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