Monday, 11 June 2007

No baby yet.

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Having started having contractions about 3 minutes apart on Saturday morning, by Sunday I was bored of the whole palarva and went to Haldon cycling after a monumental 7lbs of poo before breakfast. Since the weekend has been written off waiting for new arrivals, I have returned to work, this sunny Monday morning, with the aim of really working on a decent bit of weight loss.

Bran flakes for breakfast, courtesy of the lovely Millie, arrive at my desk and yet, before I can even begin to tuck in (if tuck in be the appropriate phrase when dealing with what is essentially fibrous board with raisins chucked on top) I feel the familiar clenching of imminent weight loss and it's off to the exec office, sans flip-flops.

Well, it's only ten to nine, so it's fairly quiet and, after a modicum of deserved ribbing concerning the tardiness of Jim's delivery (although it is not actually due until Thursday, let us not forget), I get down to measuring my morning's dieting.

14st 1.5lbs. I rather fancy that the scales here measure a little lighter than those I keep at home. Anyway, things to do, weight to lose.
I am having a poo
There is a mini-meeting (perhaps a pre-meeting meeting, or even a pre-pre-meeting-meeting meeting?) going on in the exec office upon my return and, once mounted on the pedestal of slim, I find myself to be inconveniently close to the back of a client facing member of staff. I feel slightly awkward about being so close up behind a lady of the opposite sex and all that, but I need to get the data before I eat my bran flakes and I am getting pretty damned peckish now, so there is no room for coyness. 14st - a 1.5lb poo. Amazing work!

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