Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Now you're just taking the mickey.

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197.3lbs I weigh, as I go in for my fourth poo of the day. I used to suffer with IBS when I was younger, but not for years. Bloody bottom*, playing me up.
I am having a poo
It occurs to me that today has consisted of several small poops and that these will mess up the charts somewhat. I have elected therefore to make a new graph which shows daily turd totals against the last measured daily weight, shown as the margin from my ideal weight (currently 190lbs, although this is arbitrary and subject to change at any time).

196.2 - That brings today's total up a touch.

*Not literally.


Poisoned Monkey said...

Four in one day?!?

I was so proud of my three depositions yesterday and now my pride is gone.

Lord Manley said...

To be fair, I don't know that lions make for great house pets anyway.

Poisoned Monkey said...

They are fabulous at keeping most household pests at bay. Things like mice, rats and door-to-door salesmen are a thing of the past (or rather were).

If anyone does see a pride of lions roaming around and looking a bit lost, please let me know.

Lord Manley said...

I'm still busy looking for my leopard.