Friday, 1 June 2007

Does pizza make for big poops?

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I am a little nervous about this morning's delivery.
I'm 13st 13.5lbs pre-poop and I worry that I won't have enough reserves for a really top class dump.
I am certainly not looking to match yesterday's 4lb magnificence, but I have become accustomed to >1lb turds now and it is a trend which I am going to have to maintain if my dieting programme is going to remain a success.
I am having a poo.
12st 12.5lb a 1lb poop. All is still on track.
My task for today is to discover what my ideal weight should be, so as to monitor my weight loss in terms of +- ideal weight or BMI and turd weights.

Thank you Adam for the splendid Pizza and for the 1lb brown fish it produced.

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