Thursday, 21 June 2007


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One of the truly lovely things about leaving Cardiff and moving to the South West is the extra 6 minutes I get in bed at Solstice time. That said, If I was still living in Dundee I would have had to rise 41 minutes earlier and been far, far colder.

This marks the seventh anniversary of Jim and I being a couple, getting together, as we did, at Glastonbury 2000, the fourth anniversary of our marriage, the summer solstice and the one week birthday of our youngest.

Four o'clock in the morning is a lovely time to drive and we go along a track through the forest which means actually driving through branches to appear on the crest of the hill over Exeter. There are advantages to Forestry Commission trailbuilding after all.

Home in time for school and all is well.

I weigh 202.7lbs and I have almost no function in my brain for maths at all.
I am having a poo
Stand on scales. 199.8lbs. Work out weight of turd later. Bed.

No, no bed yet. Back to bathroom. Stand on scales. 196.1lbs. I have taken off my clothes, hence the drop in weight.
I am having another poo
195.1lbs. Now I go to bed, 3.9lbs of poo lighter.



Poogle Guy said...

My dear boy - I have followed your progress with immense admiration. Your forward thinking is a credit to our nation and fills my heart with joy and pride. However, there is a recurring issue that troubles me greatly. One many occasions you have noted that external influences affect your recorded weight of effluence. Wee aside you surely must agree that remaining in a consistant state of attire is neigh on impossible and will have advers effect on the accuracey that is essential in this experiment.

May I dare to suggest that if you really intend for your results to be credible you set aside a seperate set of scales, calibrated and verified as being "up to the jobbies" and defecate directly onto them.

Messy this may be however I hope you agree that your integrity and reputation is leopardy and is placing the whole scheme at risk of being pooh-poohed.

Lord Manley said...

You are not the first to comment in this way, but the point is not valid.

Both my home and work scales can be (and are) calibrated before I weigh myself on each occasion and I do not recalibrate them before the after-poop weigh in.

Yes, my clothing changes (as do things like the contents of my pockets, etc) but they are always consistent before and after the act.

This means that, although my weight might vary depending on my attire, the amount of weight lost during my visit to Ivor is going to be consistent.

This is all that really matters in the short term and I am more than happy with a vague idea when it comes to overall body weight, since this changes throughout the day anyhow.

I hope this addresses your concerns.