Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Chinese food

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We had a gathering last night. Initially my sister and her husband came and bought us a rather smashing Chinese takeaway, made all the nicer by a very average bottle of wine turning out to be really rather quaffable.

We were half way into a proper bun fight when Tinium, his wife Toby and Matthewparker arrived with gifts. We hadn't waited for them as our children had to go to bed shortly, but the appeal of Chinese cuisine was too strong a draw, so Tinium was straight on the blower ordering a second round.

By the time Matthewparker's lady friend arrives My Lordship is bloated, but what with her being an international athlete and all, what else was there to do but tuck into a Chinese meal?

How can all this lead to anything more or less than a massive turd? I weigh in at 196.5lbs.
I am having a poo
And it weighs 1.3lbs. Not huge, but a vast improvement on recent trends. 195.2lbs post-poop is not a bad weight either.

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