Monday, 4 June 2007

High expectations.

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After a weekend of debauchery, including many fried meals and more beer than I would normally consider to be safe, I have high hopes for a repeat of yesterday's unmeasured behemoth. I am weighing in at an enormous 14st 4lbs, so there's plenty of excess to shake off. Here goes:
I am having a poo
Oh dear, 14st 2lbs. It's only a 2lb turd. This is not the way to achieve my ideal weight at all.

A few weeks ago I would have been happy with a 2lber, but I have trained myself up for my dieting regime and I was hoping for a 3lb+ marvel.

Never mind, I'll get that plotted now and get on with some work.

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ben said...

Congrats Manley, you have found - and documented - a subject that i too hold in high importance, though have never approached with such determination !

Keep up the good work... ;)