Sunday, 10 June 2007

Getting portly.

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Jim is having contractions still, but less regularly, so I can avoid the situation at least long enough to have a quick poo. As I'm tipping the scales (10% is considered the norm locally) at 14st 7lbs I am hoping for a goodun' this morning.
I am having a poo
Well, it's a bouncing (well, maybe not bouncing) 3lber. Back to my ideal weight just in time to toddle off to church for a quick peel. We've got a confirmation on Thursday, so I need to keep my arm in.

It's Prince Philip's birthday today, so what better time to have a quick perusal of the flow charts to date (that is, they chart my flow, they aren't those nice little diagrams that Staff Sergeants leave above the kettle to remind young Gunners how to make tea, oh no).

Well, I was going to try and tie a correlation between weight gain and weekends, but Benji has just turned up to take me cycling, so it turns out that I can't be arsed after all.

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