Saturday, 2 June 2007

Apparatus collection.

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Well, to date my weight loss activities have been limited to the workplace, but that lacks for consistency, so I felt it was time to buy some bathroom scales to install, chez Manley.

With this in mind, the eldest offspring and I journeyed out into the wondrous Aladdin's cave that is 'The Range'. Joy of joys, there is a veritable Cornu Copiae of scales to choose from and, with my 20% discount voucher from the Exeter Times clenched in my grubby mitt, there is nothing that can hold me back. Or is there?

Alas, the scales are beyond me. The range at The Range includes manual scales, digital scales, manual scales with digital displays, digital scales with small electrical pads which fry my feet and tell me my body fat content, scales with small processors which store my poo-poundage history and a bread board which looks a bit like scales through the eyes of My Lordship, half way through Tinium's stag weekend.

Added to this is the fact that they all declare me to be wildly different weights, but I manage to select a set which, whilst aesthetically abhorrent, seem to work in a manner I can understand without being too costly.

Unfortunately, when I finally reach the front of the queue, my scales turn out to be £20 more than advertised (someone had put them in the wrong box) and there is nothing which can convince the girl on the desk to let me have them on the cheap. Time is running out and I need to get this poop out of me and back to the stag weekend.

Children say the darnedest things, but this time her idea was a blinder. To the shop conveniences!

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