Friday, 8 June 2007


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Well, a little earlier than is my custom, I make my way gingerly into the exec office, smack bang midway through the exec meeting. Well, poop waits for no man and, with a nod to the Financial Director in response to her comments on the fact that it is Friday.

Up onto the scales I pop and weight in at 13st 12.4lbs, which is far from distressing, and then bid the fair FD bon chance and bugger off to visit Ivor.
I am having a poo
Well, back I toddle to the exec office, where the the scales are, as previously discussed, inconveniently located to find that I am now a mere 13lbs 10.25lbs.

I appear to be over half a stone under weight now, and have lost nearly 2 stone - I rather fancy that the Poo yourself slim dieting technique might be a winner.

Who wants to buy the book rights?

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