Monday, 3 September 2007

Why is it not a boat?

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This morning my holiday (or rather house building week) is over and I am once more rejoining the gravy train. If only it was my train and I was not just here to stoke the fires.

A few small bits of information to tide you over.

1) I have a letter telling me that the ASA have, at adjudication, overturned my complaint about the advert on the lorry, which is not of any interest to me, but given the vitriol of the commenter I felt it would be unfair not to include it.

2) I weigh 192.8lbs

3) The crash at Haldon from a week ago is now available on video:

4) ==============
I am having a poo

5) I sometimes play a game galled Big Two Garden (which follows pretty much the standard rules of Big Two) on my telephone whilst I poo. An average game will win about 10 points, if I win, yet I am now on 45248.

6) I weigh 191.4lbs.

7) I have a nice toy pony and a fluffy sheep on my desk which have appeared in my absence.

That is all.

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