Monday, 24 September 2007

No video as yet, I am afraid.

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Well, yesterday was fun.

We had a breakfast which was a thanksgiving meal that couldn't be beat [NOTE: If you don't know who Arlo Guthrie is then you should bloody well find out.] and then decided that, before making an attempt on the moor (many people had yet to drag themselves out of their pits - some never would) we'd set up a zip wire on the lawn.

This went well.

The next step was to set up a zip wire across the Exe.

This went well for a time. I canoed across and we passed throw lines back and forth and set up pulleys until we had a pretty good line. We were using dynamic rope, so there was a limit to how tight we could keep things, but in the end it was plenty good enough.

The Birthday boy came across and got his feet wet, and then a second time high and dry, so I canoed back across and had a go. It did not go well. It's not that the branch the rope was tied to snapped, nothing like that.

The trunk snapped.

I weigh 194.6lbs and am limping fairly badly, unable as I am to put any weight at all onto the heel of my right foot.

I am having a poo

I weigh 191.8lbs. This will account for the beshortened Horse Chestnut at the mill.

I'd like to say that, if you are in the area, the Poachers Inn in Ide does some exquisite puddings.

I'm off for some pain killers, so I'll leave you with this Bratz parody which amused me:


It seems that, perhaps as a result of having ALL my shares, as well as my mortgage, with Northern Rock, I need another poo. I weigh 195.2lbs.

I am having a poo

I weigh 193.4lbs.

I'm going to the Cathedral to see an exhibition of wood carvings now. Cheerio. I leave you with this video of trying to shred a toy bull, which ends with nothing more than a broken shredder:

Since it is a failure, the only part of this whjich works is Rowan's glee.



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