Friday, 14 September 2007

And so you shall!

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Well, only on Wednesday I was complaining that I am too heavy, so I went home and ate beef both last night and tghe night before. Lots and lots of meat.

The upshot of my carnivorous behaviour was initially that I went for the whole of Thursday without having any weight loss whatsoever, but I now feel a certain urge to lose some weight, so I hope we get a good result.

I know you do too. I weigh 190.2lbs, which is a good start anyway.

I am having a poo

Haha! IN YOUR FACE! 188.6lbs. Not the largest result a visit to Ivor has produced. Let us not pretend that My Lordship is not still smug (and still stinging a little) from last month's 7.2lber.

In other news, I was being harranged asked about my hobbies by a relatively endangered species with regard to my hobbies.

My analytics tell me that Gorilla Bananas is a relatively new reader and, indeed, it is seldom that I actually respond to readers at all, being a narcissist, but I feel that I can use this opportunity to describe both the excellent time had at yesterday's Campanology Thursday and to show you a short video of myself, falling off a bicycle.

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