Saturday, 8 September 2007

Mild geekery and the thrill of Chinese food.

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I have broken and / or failed to make work 3 USB Wi-Fi dongles and a mini-PCI card so far this week and I have had enough, so last night I climbed my father's old ladders to the roof to sort this out.

The ladder has a couple of quirks. At some point someone has closed it fiercely enough that the lower hooks from the top section have cut almost through two of the rungs, which results in an alarming swaying motion when in the middle third of the ladder.

This I can easily cope with.

The second problem is that, whilst the hooks are robust and strong, the runners at the top of the bottom section, where the ladder slides through, are no longer, strictly speaking, serviceable. They are, in fact, in the words of Winston Churchill* when discussing the Irish Problem, 'sodding well knackered'.

This gives me the fear. I check them thoroughly but they have simply let go before and the result is somewhat alarming.

Anyway, I removed all the television and satellite cables from the front of my house and have run a cat5 down the outside wall behind the drainpipe from my bedroom to the router, downstairs.

What this means to me is far faster connection in bed, but no posting from the lavatory. That doesn't mean, of course, that I can't type things up here! I also had a nice bit of Chinese with Matthewparker, his good lady and the ever Jaggeriffic Dagnall. I must mention that the sweetcorn and hummus jacket potatoes which Jim prepared were also splendid. I must mention this because she is beside me as I type and has told me to.

I weigh somewhere in the region of 193.3lbs

I am having a poo

Well, the 3.2lbs of poo which has brought me down to 190.1lbs isn't quite enough to hit my ideal weight, but maybe Jim will stop calling me fat for a day?

No, I don't suppose so either.


*Clearly untrue.

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