Sunday, 16 September 2007

In the words of Lou Reed. . .

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After a nice lie-in with Jim, we went to a children's birthday party. Generally I consider these to be the functional pariahs of the social calender. I have been known to consider breaking my own ankle, merely to avoid spending more than a few minutes with a collection of sugar fuelled innocents, hell bent on a heady mixture of exuberant joy and whining tearful grief, often achieved by the same individuals at the same time.

Well, this was a very different class of social gathering, in fact, I am mildly saddened to say, it was my own offspring who most closely resembled the denizens of jubilant fury that one generally associates with such gatherings, although not very. Even as the worst offenders they were veritable seraphim when held up beside the standard reveller at such events. In short, I actually rather enjoyed myself.

Unfortunately, due to a two o'clock appointment, Mike had to deliver my timber (air dried, so with a larger moisture content than kiln dried, but still suitable for my floor) at one, so My Lordship had to leave early. As a testament to either the excellence my own qualities as an irritant, my four girls stayed behind and were dropped off by the host later on.

Once the flooring is piled in my kitchen to season, we have a spot of luncheon and head on up to the Fore Street festival. To begin with we spent far too long watching The Pyrates with the kids [EDIT: according to the comments left, this is wrong! See Comments to learn the truth about the Mutineers!] and eventually wandered on, only to discover that the Pyrates were by far the best band playing, so we went down to Book cycle [My Lordship's note: damn! I forgot to collect my bike from the workshop!] and then homewards.

A quick spot of dinner and we took Dan's Mum out for a quick row down the canal.

All in all a perfect day.

Today has started equally as well, with some fabulous news. I weigh in at 190.4lbs, so I feel confident that I will be below my target weight within minutes.

I am having a poo

It is somewhat disconcerting to hear the sound of a 6 year old playing the electric keyboard at this time in the morning, but I weigh 189.3lbs, so all is well.

Today I am going down to Greenway to scrape barnacles off Peter Mitchell's folk boat with Tom and Big Jim (not my wife!) so I'd better get dressed and head off.

Sorry it was long and tedious, but it was a smashing day. My condolences to the McRae family also - I was unusually saddened by the news last night.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, i was just trawling through the web for info about the festival yesterday and stumbled across your blog.
Just wanted to point out that the pirate band playing yesterday were in fact "the mutineers" and not "the pyrates."
I made the same mistake myself, but luckily a friend of mine picked up a card off the jack sparrow bloke.
I went to the pyrates page and thought it a bit odd as the photos were of different blokes altogether. Guess the whole pirate thing must be where its at at the mo.
anyhoo, the mutineers can be found here:
Hope that helps.
All the best.
Jeff. :)

Lord Manley said...

Thank you, I was confused because at least one of the Mutineers I am sure used to appear on the Pyrates site, along with David who seems not to be in either band any longer.

I shall make enquires.

Anonymous said...

Ah, maybe there really was a mutiny then!
I couldn't help but notice the Pyrates myspace had two tracks which were the same as the mutineers. The Mutineers page has track info that explains about the songs, where as the Pyrates does not.
The singers on all the tracks are definately with the mutineers though, as they did the songs on saturday and the mutineers have another track which has the same lead.
Maybe the Mutineers have benn victims of copyright theft!
Pirates eh?

Jeff ;)

Lord Manley said...

Benn Gunn?

Yes, I'd say that the Mutineers might well have come out of the Pyrates.

My contact at the Pyrates has yet to reply to my harranging, I shall, of course, keep you updated on the outcome.

Anonymous said...

David Gallows here,

The muntineers are people who i kicked outta my band, it's a long story which I won't bore you with here.

us pyrates haven't had time to record any new songs since we did the rehersal demo songs with the old line up. - they've put it on their myspace because I refused to take them off ours until we'd got new recordings. which they seem to whinge about every couple of weeks.

we're off to the studio in the next few weeks having won okehampton battle of the bands :) stay tuned.

Our website can be found here Pyrates, Folk done pirate style

Lord Manley said...

Well there we go!

Proper controversy, right here on the Log Blog, home of poo, musical debate and culture for all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that David chap sounds bitter. I'm not convinced there wasn't a mutiny. ;)
Perhaps we should get them on judge Judy.
We should message the mutineers and see if they'll comment, Then we's can see if there's a Pirate-off!

So, are the Pyrates instrumental then? I'm pretter sure both the vocalists on their sites are with the mutineers.

I never knew my idle comments would stir such a maelstrom of controversy...

jeff. :)

Lord Manley said...

I did email the mutineers, but to no avail. David is a fine musician, but I have not seen The Pyrates play since the line-up has changed, so I cannot say who is handling the vocals now.

Anonymous said...

I've dropped them an email too at their email given on the card.
i know they said their .net thing was outta commisiun.

Jeff :)

captain said...

Sweet lord!
What a long thread. it's nice to know that our band is being talked about.

Jeff_Starr56 dropped us an email and said that you'd been trying to figure out the truth behind the origins of the mutineers. I tried to look for a way to not make a public post but couldn't find one, so i apologise for extending your comments further.

David's somewhat embittered comment is marginally true - three of the members of The Mutineers were with Pyrates up until about april this year. No one really got kicked out as such but people went their separate and we had enjoyed playing the songs so formed The Mutineers.

The tracks on both sites feature members from both bands but i don't believe are any longer a part of Pyrates set, as they were arranged and originally led by the members that left.

In answer to Jeff's other question, i'm pretty sure the Pyrates haven't turned instrumental. i can't see the act working so well as a purely instrumental thing and they have taken on a chap called Tim who is a fabulous performer.

It's a shame both bands can't get on really as the market is definitely niche enough to benefit from a little team work here and there. Everyone else in Pyrates is on good terms with us except Dave, who is 'not talking to us' - not very piratey in my opinion.

Whatever the differences between the two bands, i'm glad people enjoyed the gig on Saturday and i hope we will see you again soon.

Our band "The Mutineers" can be found here: The Mutineers

And Dave's band "Pyrates" can be found here: Pyrates

Hopefully those links will work - i'm a bit rubbish with html.

And as for you Lord Manly - you look terribly familiar. Have we met perchance?

Any other queries, please contact us at

All the best.

Ben - The Mutineers.

Lord Manley said...

Thanks for the comment - just to quickly remedy those broken links:



You may know me, I know at least one of you to greet, through a mutual acquaintance, but I know not your names, so which of you is Ben, i have no idea.

I shall email you forthwith.

Anonymous said...

Well, guess dat's that sorted.
wasn't a pirate-off like i hoped tho.
Maybe's next time eh?
Thanks fer letting me play on yer blog lord Manley.
Was fun!

Lord Manley said...

You are more than welcome. It's all shit anyway =;¬)