Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Broken foot.

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I've an appointment to go to the doctor this morning.

The pain has singularly failed to subside, so, despite the fact that the ever lovely Doctor Laura Simms is away, I shall be dragging my sory arse up to the Mount Pleasant Health Centre.

I do like to arrive cleansed, so I am going to make sure I am properly empty before I set off. I weigh 193.1lbs.

I am having a poo

A pound lighter at 192.1lbs, I set off to work early, to try and get ahead of the email battle. I seem unable to get the core work done at the moment, for an overwhelming level of extra work, mixed with being a right miserable bastard of late. I'm not very happy at all really, perhaps I'll chat to the quack about that too, even if he is not the ever lovely Doctor Laura Simms. We'll see how it goes.


Well, the ever lovely Laura Simms it was not, but the equally lovely Doctor Emma Mackenzie Edwards was every bit as good, even if she did have someone taking notes on her performance (or, indeed, perhaps because of it?).

I chose not to broach the subject of my own mental health, in favour of the out and out sore leg approach. Prognosis seems to be that I have jarred the bone within my thigh, causing ruptures in the muscle and tearing ligaments, which explains the excruciating pain. On the foot front, it looks like bruising to the heel and a broken bone in the arch.

I have been referred to the hospital, but since the broken bone in the arch needs 6 weeks of rest and the potential crack in the heel will need much the same treatment, I am going to take her words as professional advice and, instead of the hospital, I came back to work.

If I have to rest my foot for one break for 6 weeks, I don't see much need to learn whether there is another which will need the same treatment. Either way, I weigh 192.6lbs and am in need of a poo.

I am having a poo

190.8lbs, eh? Not too shoddy. Now, if only Northern Rock shares could catch a decent hike?

Being a narcissist and no fan of the fade-out, here's a picture of me, thanks to Mr KingSuperSpecial:

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