Thursday, 13 September 2007


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Well, following on from the fantastic painting which the very talented Mr Ed Carter made of me recently, I am able to show off the rather splendid zombie produced by HAPPYTOAST

I have to say that I am somewhat flattered by it all.

Unfortunately I have not managed to excrete as yet today, but I did have the morning off work to go to the woods and play on my bike. I went up to Haldon Forest at about 0715hrs this morning, bike in boot, ready for some fun.

Unfortunately, as I set off, I found that I was ghost shifting (that is, the bike was changing gear by itself) and saw that my rear-mech looked bent. I straightened it, but soon found a repeat of the ghost shifting re-occurring with alarming regularity.

I guess that I had probably been riding for getting on for 40 seconds when I found the crack in my hangar (the bit between the rear-mech and the swing-arm) and realised that I was riding no more, unless I wanted a mech in my spokes.

As I had a meeting with a nice young chap called Nigel, from BTCV at 0830hrs, I spent the first part of the morning sitting on a damp bench in a deserted car park.

In hindsight I could have gone for a walk, but I just couldn't be arsed.

Ah well, that's another day's holiday wasted, eh. Still, the zombie's shit hot, no?

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