Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sheese being impossible . . .

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I have decided to try alternatives.

My father is a milking machine engineer by trade and runs a company which specialises in Dairy installations and slurry management.

In general it's the latter of these noble professions which is most readily associated with this blog, dealing as we do, with large quantities of faeces, but today I am going to stray into the dark world of dairy production.

I have known for a long time that the production of sheese (that is to say, cheese made from human milk) is not viable since breast milk can not curdle, because the protein content is much lower than, for example, goat's milk. A quick squiz around the interwebs shows me that others have tried and failed to produce sheese and, indeed, to try and make glue from breast milk.

I put my mind to the problem of what to do with excess milk and believe that I have the answer.

Breast milk yoghurt, or Yourghurt, as I shall now name it.

I have the breast milk and the natural yoghurt ready (I am going to use a small amount of cow's milk yoghurt as a 'starter' for the yoghurt enzymes), now all I need is to get to work!

I shall report back in two day's time.

Incidentally, my weight went from 192.9lbs down to 191.1lbs and then again from 191.2lbs to 190.5lbs today, thanks to a really relaxing brace of poos.

Given that I am hosting a party for 6 year olds (that is a group of children aged six, rather than six babies) this afternoon in my front room (complete with a magician called Colin, who is very good) I would imagine that 'relaxing' is a term which will have no further relevance before bedtime.

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