Saturday, 15 September 2007

Added weights

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Whilst I was moving the furniture around in the kitchen in order to allow space for the 20 cubic meters of timber which is arriving today, I got a sudden urge to lose some weight and rushed to my becisterned gymnasium apparatus to attend to the call.

Not much time to spare and fully dressed I weighed in at an alarming 197.1lbs.

I went for a poo

Post poo I still weigh weigh 195.5lbs, which is not much better really. After this morning's earlier visit I had high hopes for maintaining a below par score for the weekend, but this is foiled almost immediately.

I've not even got my steel toecaps on.

But Wait! What's this? In my possession is, presumably from moving the scales, a 2lb weight! the weight of my poo is not effected, but I shall record these weights as 195.1lbs and 193.5lbs. Still not what I would have hoped for, but certainly less distressing than was previously the case.

If anyone out there cares, this poo reflected the heat of last night's chilli rather clearly *winces*.

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