Monday, 10 September 2007

Working it out without a pencil.

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An interesting notion was brought to my attention last night, after the 6 year olds had gone back to their respective homes and the dust had settled on chez Manley.

Some excretions take considerably more effort than others. Sometimes one can merely open one's arse and let it fall out but, more often than not, for My Lordship, there is at least an element of effort involved.

This is all very well and good, I hear you cry, but why should you care, gentle reader, or indeed be subjected to such a horrifying mental image? Well, I shall expand upon this for you now.

25 minutes of resistance training burns about 200 calories. I am wondering whether a good quarter hour weight loss session might not be benefiting me in more ways than one and whether, contrary to my previous thoughts, a high fibre diet might not be contrary to my aims, removing the resistance as it does.

A good work out on the job might mean the burning of around 100 calories, so I could be losing weight all 'round. I' shall experiment.

I weigh 194.4lbs (with an Alpen bar Fruit & Nut with Chocolate in my mouth) and I'm off to do some serious training.

I am having a poo

Dissappointingly there was not much effort required there. 5 minutes of mild clenching reps cannot reasonably be described as a work out. None the less, I weigh 192.2lbs now, but I am also a little bit trimmer for the effort.


kev said...

ironically, i pooed myself on the way home from yours yesterday. i had an upset stomach most of the day and got some unexpected has happened to us all..hasn't it?

and is it even ironic? or just a coincidence?

Lord Manley said...

You scare me!

Up for a run tomorrow night - my leg is still hurting at the moment, but if it is better I just thought I'd do 3 or 4 miles to feel how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lord Manley,

Just wondering if you could drop me an email at

I help edit a large youth culture magazine and wanted to talk to you about printing one of your articles if you would be into it?

Just drop me an email and we can take it from there,

Cheers mate,


Lord Manley said...

I have emailed you.

I've had a couple published before, and I'm always open to suggestions.

When I used to write I found it to be a chore, but now that it's not a job I relish it.

We humans are bizarre animals.