Sunday, 30 September 2007

Pooing by round numbers.

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Well, my guests have gone.

This morning I have had a vague look at plumbing in the tumble drier (that is, looked at where the screws are to take the back off and decided to leave it until later, Manley style), rung the bells for the 10am service, which went fairly well, developed two strange sores on my hand, one of which is oozing like an infected splinter, collected a canoe and installed it in the front garden and weighed myself at precisely 102lbs.

[EDIT: 102lbs? That'll be the day (about 19 weeks after I've been interred I should imagine). Obviously I actually weigh 192lbs.]

I am having a poo

191lbs. Full figure poos all 'round, eh?

Right, I'm going to take all the children to visit the Dagnalls and see what they are up to. I got the van from my father and moved all the vegan's large items for them yesterday, instead of today (it was easy, they have very little in the way of faff and, having a broken foot, I had little to do) so I have the whole day free today to do with as I will.

I wonder if Simone will ever get off the telephone?

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