Tuesday, 25 September 2007


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First of all, I now have video footage of my zipwire incident:

I would like to stress that David Harvey certainly weakened the tree with his previous runs. It's not as though a branch broke either, the whole top of the tree snapped out.

I am loathe to suggest that hacking works, but Exeter did come second in the UK wide monopoly board voting, despite the small size of the city.

We simply must be a splendid place to be.

Sadly, today has seen a representative of the HSE visit us, which suggests that I shall soon lose my Swiss ball as a chair.

He came at a bad time, as we were having a minor soft toy war. Maybe I should get one of these clearly unsuitable for work chairs?

AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved. Nishwater

In other news, I feel like I might need a poo, but I am too busy, so I'll have another cup of tea and see what I feel like after that.


A cup of tea and some cake and cereal later, I weigh 194.8lbs.

I am having a poo

I weigh 193.2lbs.

I think I have to 'phone the doctor as I am in a not inconsiderable amount of pain from Sunday morning still.


Anonymous said...


Lord Manley said...

Thank you Mr Parker!

Thor_sonofodin said...

Hope the foot gets better quickly.

and , crikey! who would have thunk they they sold such a product. i'm not sure that HSE will let you have they either.

Lord Manley said...

Thankfully, since I have submitted a full risk assessment with my Swiss ball, I am allowed to keep it.

Anonymous said...

the downfall of a swinger