Thursday, 27 September 2007

Simone Manley

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Simone Manley is a wonderful mother, a fantastic artist and a great friend, whom I love very, very much.

It has however come to my attention that a UK Google Search for ["Simone Manley"] returns no results at all.

Following my previous successes, I feel that I should take action to restore the natural order of things and make sure that Simone Manley can be found.

So, hopefully, when someone searches Google for "Simone Manley", they'll find her and know that at least one middle aged man thinks the world of her.

I love you Jim!


mediocre said...

I think that's a nice thing to do.

Lord Manley said...

Now I am left with the task of convincing Googlebot that I am in the UK.

I have given it meta tags to convince it of my location, following which my controls in the blog admin are displayed in German.

Still, I am now #1 for [Simone Manley] and #3 for ["Simone Manley"], but there is still no joy on the UK version.

I shall continue to try and work out an answer. It may be that I have to host a page elsewhere.

Blackett The First said...

It's worked, you big soft shite.

Lord Manley said...

Sadly not.

This post is #1 for [simone manley] in Google, with or without quotes, but in UK results is still not returned:


Simone Manley said...

I guess it's appropriate that given your focus on crap, I'm Number Two.

Simone Manley

Lord Manley said...

And you are a painter too ;)

Simone Manley said...

Yes, like your Simone, I'm a painter, an excellent mother etc. - Here's how I found you...

What you do in the privacy of your own home is your own business - but you can't tell me you've never Googled yourself.

So when I Googled "Simone Manley"

I got a Joanna Simone Manley: A Bisexual Scottish Transvestite:

Tonya Simone Manley:
A large breasted Porn Star - you may remember her from such films as "Lingerie Kickboxer" Boob Cruise" and "Born For Sex"
her measurements are 42G-25-36

What's G???

But my favourite hit was the blog of an odd Brit called "Lord Manley" who seems dedicated to "measuring weight loss the scatological way" as chronicled in the "Log Blog: I'm having a poo"

He also is on a mission to... well, read this:

Here's his portrait of Simone Manley,
which I love, by the way.

The down side to all this poking around in his website is I found a hilarious Youtube video he made about "Firefox Tourette's" - a fff. program he made to infect a computer with Tourette's syndrome - it froze my browser and now I'm worried it was some crafty fucking British thing to infect my shitbox computer with some kind of goddamned Tourette's for fucking computers.

Watch it (safely) here, not from his site, but on Youtube:

Lord Manley said...


I assure you I have no Trojans here and the freezing of the browser would have been entirely coincidental (This is hosted at - I really haven't got anything here which is untoward).

Incidentally, I didn't write the fffff extension, I just liked it.