Sunday, 23 September 2007

An Adventure!

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Today, to mark the occasion of David Harvey's birthday, we, as a group of men, are going for an adventure on the moor. We are going to take ropes, climbing shoes and swimming kit and just have fun for the day.

At the moment, I feel like lying in bed. I weigh 192.3lbs.

I am having a poo

I weigh 191.2lbs. I shall change the baby and then I've just got time to ring for the 10 o'clock service before I meet the boys at the Mill for the off. As a matter of interest, the metal structure on top of the mill in the second image is a climbing wall.

Damn, I need another poo first. I weigh 191.6lbs.

I am having another poo

190.4lbs. That was a rush job, I have to go out now. Cheerio, have a good weekend.


Guffaw said...

What is Brown and Sticky?

A stick.

And what is really brown and really sticky?

A log.

Lord Manley said...

I rather fancy that a stick is more sticky than a log, but I grasp your general gist, and I like what I read.