Tuesday, 17 July 2007


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This morning I travelled down to Exmouth and collected a kitchen which my builders are ripping out of someone else's home. It was still glorious sunshine when I picked up the hitcher on the way back (I tend not to stop for people with trade plates as I know that they are paid for the journey and feel like they are taking the Michael a little, but in this weather, what can make one unhappy?).

I got back home in plenty of time to take my eldest to school but, as I left, it started to rain.

Now, rain can be a bit like a shower, lots of water falling everywhere, but this was more like a bath. I arrived at school a soaked fool dragging a drowned rat. She was okay, but I still had to cycle to work.

Here I am, 6 hours later, still sitting in my pants whilst my jeans, socks and shoes fail to dry. An added discomfort is the fact that I have a Pro Fitness Gym Ball in lieu of a proper chair and my thighs are sticking to it in a manner which can only be described as eugh.

With my wet jeans back on, I weigh 192.3lbs.

I am having a poo

And now I weigh 191.8lbs. I have to wear the jeans to go into the exec office, as I am sure you understand, but it is galling as I feel sure that they must nearly weigh 2lbs at the moment.



I have had my lunch and returned. Now wearing shorts, kindly loaned to me by the ever generous Matthewparker, I find that I weigh in at 191.8lbs - wow! The difference between wet jeans and dry shorts is exactly the same as the weight of my luncheon.

Proof, if proof were required, that there must be a God.

I am having a poo

I return to the exec office in high spirits. It was quite a large one and anything approaching 2lbs should set me on my target weight. 190.4lbs. A 1.4lb poo.

So near, but yet so far.

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