Wednesday, 25 July 2007

No poo day, the first.

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Well, going a whole day without a visit to Ivor is not uncommon for me, in the usual scheme of things, but what with having a new baby, knocking down half my house and, thanks to my scatology dieting programme, generally being more attentive to my bowel movements, I know that it has been a sacred and mystical event over the last few months.

Over 40,000 of you have come to look and see what my poo weighs each day and to, hopefully, learn something from my weight loss experiment into poo fuelled techniques for dropping a dress size.

That's over 40,000 unique visitors, over the last 3 weeks, who are not bots and who don't have adblock installed. I am humbled.

I have also had 4 clicks on my ads, so that's 70p I've made, spreading the word about pre poo and post poo poundage. I am considering chucking SEO Consultancy and pooing full time.

I want to thank you all properly, so, in lieu of the poo that I have not done today, I present you with this picture of a badgerigar, what I done made:

Thank you and goodnight!

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