Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Weight loss through body modification.

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Well, so far today I have had two weight loss sessions and managed nearly a pound from 199.5lbs down to 198.7 at home and then an exact replica from 198lbs down to 197.2lbs.

I have noticed, however, that I seem to be creeping up towards the 200lb mark again. This leads me to wonder if I am maybe getting a little lax with my diet. I have eaten few peanuts, curries or sweetcorn and have yet to try vbloke's lemon water suggestion at all.

In light of this I thought I would explore a few other avenues to weight loss, in particular removing sections of Manley.

You may or may not know, but I have a few extra holes about my person already, including a 26mm earring, but I wouldn't think that, added up, they amount to more than an ounce at most and the jewlery is certainly heavier than the missing flesh.

I got the idea for this from the newest Manley. She's piling on the pounds, as is right and proper at her stage in life, but she has been shedding excess flesh recently.


came off from here:

So I popped it in alcohol:

and it's all healing nicely now:

The question remains, however: What have I got that I can remove?

I find that I am fairly fond of my limbs and, massive as it might be, I think that I'll keep my old chap for the time being. This leads to an obvious answer. to boot: my hair.

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