Thursday, 19 July 2007

Too good to last.

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I am somewhat concerned that i am turning into Victor Meldrew. I sent a letter regarding the graffiti in my hotel room, for starters.

Then yesterday there was a British Gas man outside my house in his van, with his 'phone on full volume, shouting a conversation with his head office loudly enough that I could hear it in my back room. Thankfully I own a megaphone and was able to casually approach his van and ask him politely, with the dial set to 10, if he'd mind going elsewhere or picking up the handset.

Now I am at work and have received a letter from the ASA regarding an Ann Summers poster.

The poster was on a commercial vehicle. It showed a topless woman wearing knickers and stockings leaning against a wall looking over her right shoulder. The text stated 'Making Devon Cream.'

The ASA have upheld my complaint, stating that the consider that the pose of the model when used in conjunction with the sexual innuendo of 'Making Devon Cream' is likely to cause serious and widespread offence.

What am I turning into?

Not a thin man, certainly - I have put weight on again and today's weight loss extravaganza only served to reduce me from 193.4lbs to 191.2lbs.

Frankly not good enough.


Anonymous said...

Your Ann Summers complaint was upheld???
Hmm, did you actually read the adjudication?

The ASA said: “We investigated the ad under CAP Code clauses 5.1 (Decency) and 47.1 (Children) but did not find it in breach”.
They clearly state that the complaint was: “NOT UPHELD”.

Think you need to check your facts!

Lord Manley said...

You are correct.

The initial letter which I received when this post was written did indeed say that it was provisionally upheld on the counts of decency, but not of children (which I personally disagree with, I think it is rather the other way around, what with the add running over half term) but a second letter arrived at work last week contradicting this and saying that this had been overturned at adjudication.

The point here is that I am turning into Victor Meldrew however, and the complaining, not the upholding or otherwise of the complaint, is the pertinent point.

As to 'checking my facts', bollocks to you, what I wrote was correct at the time of writing and I put it to you that, given the current climate, the troubles in the Gulf, the baggage retrieval system at Gatwick and the cacophony caused by mapping the flight path of migrating European swallows into midi, the best you can do it either go and drink too much brandy or, if you are a representative of Anne Summers, rather than just a random nark, invest in some proper reputational monitoring services.

I am going to have another Tusker.

Lord Manley said...

And then maybe take a look at Google analytics.