Sunday, 8 July 2007

An evening visit.

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I am very much a morning weight loss man. Whether this is through custom and practise or just the IBS taking its toll, I would be loathe to speculate, but it has always been the case. Imagine therefore, if you will, my surprise and alarm at having a dieting session, sur le pan, at half ten at night.

This just isn't normal routine for My Lordship. I am tired and in no mood for slimming. I weigh 195.9lbs.

I am having a poo
194.5lbs. Another 1.4lb poop. Given that I had the massive protein fix on Friday and have been 36 hours or so without a visit to Ivor you'd have thought that i'd be better placed to raise the bar.

No matter, I'm off to bed.

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