Friday, 6 July 2007


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Tonight we are having a dinner party for 10 friends. This will include placenta casserole.

In other news, I managed, through the scatology weight loss programme, to drop from 194.4lbs to 192.8lbs this morning, which is considerably closer to my ideal weight of 190lbs. This beats dieting any day. I mean, who wants to diet when they can lose weight the easy way?

I will leave this post open as I think I'm bound to have another weight loss session later this morning, what with the work which is going on with my house at the moment and a new baby and all.

I filled an Iveco up with rubble last night and I need to dig a sewage inspection cover out on Saturday and strip the walls (of cladding, shelves, counters, sockets and plaster) as well.

I hope that Jim doesn't kill me until after I have finished.


See, I told you! I now weigh 194lbs.

i am having a poo

191lbs. Yes, that's a 3lb poop, which, in itself, is impressive, but I am also just 1lb off my ideal weight!.


Anonymous said...

you may be interested to know that my bowel movements today were regular, if a little late in coming.
helen has been complaining about a belly ache, but i think it's psychological

Lord Manley said...

I am glad to hear it, for your sake, but a little disappointed, from a purely macabre viewpoint, not to learn that the richness of the meat played havoc with your digestive system.

Thank you for bringing such a splendid crumble.