Tuesday, 31 July 2007

My ideal weight and how to measure it.

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The scales have gone awry. I was able to step on and off the scales and go from 192lbs to 187lbs and back up to 190lbs. This poses a problem. My home scales are fine and dandy and, this very morning, measured my weight loss as being the 1.7lbs from 190.4lbs down to 188.7lbs.

The scales in the exec office are an entirely different matter. For all their body fat, BMI, weight, speed and mathematical ability features, they have begun weighing me very differently, depending where on the scales I stand.

I elect to place my toes against the far edge and my feet against the sides - I am not sure which position is showing my the correct weight, but this shows me roughly what I expect and, as long as I place my size 11s in the same spot. each time, it is consistent, which will allow me to see the difference.

With my feet positioned just so, I can see what effect my recent diet (almost exclusively vegan at the moment, although there is no explanation for this) has had on my weight loss programme. I 'weigh' 190lbs precisely.

I am having a poo

I now weigh 189.7lbs. I don't think that this really reflects the effort I put into losing weight today and I feel that this represents a small setback in my dieting regime, although I clearly am far from obese.

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