Monday, 23 July 2007

Monday morning blues.

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My diet has not been too bad lately. I am eating sensibly, sleeping badly and drinking plenty of fluid, yet I am spotty as the now legendary Muldoon.

I have been building my kitchen all day yesterday and I can only assume that the 4 massive blemishes to my otherwise glorious fizgog must be attributed to the dust and grime of the building site.

Either way, I weigh in at 191.4lbs in the exec office this morning, where our Group Account Director is looking as though anything she has to tell me will not be repeated, in her French Resistance coat.

I am having a poo

Upon my return I take a moment to look for the CTO, as I remember he had an eye patch recently. The office teen has lost one of her contact lenses and is unable to wink, resulting in her having to work with one hand over her face.

I find this somewhat more amusing than I probably should, but I have business to attend to.

I weigh 188.6lbs.


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