Wednesday, 18 July 2007


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Today I am working from home. My plan was to get an extra hour in bed in the morning, work through to lunch, do the kitchen in the afternoon and then put in some hours in the evening.

Unfortunately I was rudely awakened earlier than usual and had to get up to deal with children and found that I had not switched on the plug and the power tools had flat batteries, so I have, in truth, merely worked a normal 8 hour day at home, besides popping out for 15 minutes to get some plasterboard at lunchtime.

I am writing this in retrospect, but you should know that at eight this morning I weighed 193.9lbs, then 192.8lbs then at nine I weighted 192.7lbs, leading down to 191lbs, then at quarter to ten I dropped from 190.8lbs down to 189.6lbs.

That's a full 0.4lbs below my target weight.


I can't imagine what it might be about the potatoes I ate last night which is bringing this on, but it is now nearly five in the afternoon and I need another poo. I weigh 188.8lbs

I am having a poo

I am down to 186.8lbs. I can't understand it, what brought this on I have no idea - I stuffed myself silly on dead man's potatoes last night. Maybe potatoes are good poo weight foodstuffs?

I must work out my BMI at some point, it must be getting on for being around my target.

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