Monday, 9 July 2007

1.2lbs of concentrated weight loss, despite my recent diet.

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After almost no sleep at all last night, I am wandering around the office in the manner of a drunken hamster's lower intestine, if you know what I mean and I am sure that you do.

I appear to weigh 194.2lbs, which is not too bad at all. Our finance lady has returned from her holidays, looking very brown, so I have someone to chat top as I fiddle around with the scales.

I am having a poo
When I limp back top the exec office the aforementioned finance lady expresses concern that, when I weigh myself for a second time, she knows that I have been for a poo. I apologise but offer, by way of an explanation, the idea that everyone poops, but can understand her argument that generally she doesn't know when they have done it.

I weigh back in at 193lbs, which isn't too bad, given last nights poop was only a few hours ago now.

I appear not to be losing weight any more. I am still a full 3 lbs off my target and I wonder if I need to improve my diet. Perhaps if I eat more I will poo more and weight loss can be achieved?

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