Thursday, 30 August 2007

Party foods!

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Well, as every dieting tubster knows, Summer birthday parties, fuelled as they are with a plethora of jelly, cake, crisps and ice cream, are no place for salad dodgers to lose weight.

Number one daughter is having a party, with entertainer and the like, in a couple of weeks, when the schools have reopened to accept our eager spawn into their educational grasp. In the mean time it was most important to her that we have a soirée.

We were the first of our group to reproduce and, as such, we have a decent number of adult friends for the bairns. Resultantly we had a 20 man eat last night, including, as has already been hinted at, a large amount of excessively sweet joy. Thank you to Helen and Kev for the cherry chocolate birthday cake, incidentally, without which I would not have had my quota of fruit and veg for the day.

I weigh 192lbs, back on my own scales.

I am having a poo

Well now, 189.8 only means a 2.2lb poo (and I could have hoped for more) but now that I am hovering around the 190lb mark I find that the bulk of the product has somewhat reduced and I am happy to be sub-ideal once again.

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